We’re back!

Hi Everyone!

We’ve had some time out here at #DebatingMH, to sort a few things (including our own mental health) out.  We’re now back and ready to make things happen!

While we’re doing some work in the background, we thought you might be interested to read some of the comments we received after Round 1 of the programme!

Taking part in the ESU debating course was an extraordinary experience.  By taking on this unique opportunity I’ve done things I didn’t imagine myself to be capable of doing and it has definitely taught me a lot of things about myself.  This course has given me the ability to see what I am capable of when I am taken out of my comfort zone. Being someone that is inherently shy and reluctant to talk I have had to make new friends, speak by myself in front of people and deliver clear speeches and every week I noticed these skills getting better; therefore one of the main highlights I have is the week on week improvement that I could see in myself.  Another obvious highlight was participating in and winning the debate final, the fact that I even participated in this is something I probably could never have imagined some months ago because speaking in front of people (particularly people I don’t know) is something I find very challenging. This process has been extremely positive for me and has given me essential skills that I can take with me through life and has inspired me to continue to put myself forward for these kind of activities; I honestly don’t have anything negative to say about it.”-Eric, participant

“Thanks so much for the programme. It’s had a great positive impact on my wellbeing, and really given me an interest in debating, as well as a chance to socialise and gain confidence 🙂 I’m sure we as young people will keep in touch far beyond this debating group; definitely don’t stop here!”-J, participant

“It was wonderful to see the group articulately expressing their views in front of others [public speaking]. They were also able to construct their views in a formulated way [using techniques taught] to speak confidently. For members that didn’t participate in the final, they benefitted from being part of the group and supporting their peers which was also an achievement.”-M, supporting NHS participation officer

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